A compact key ring, inspired by the shape and quick closing mechanism of a bicycle front suspension.

Practically with the previous definition, everything is already said. As usual and in my way of doing things, I always try to unmark myself in the way of conceiving the standarized things.

In 2015 I have been selling this keychain by hand; manufactured to the extent of my possibilities of traditional machining (lathe, milling machine etc ...) As you can see in the following image, what was within my possibilities, was simply to place a through screw ... it works perfectly, but ....

Old U-Bike Keychain

I needed to do something that would make it more special and attractive. That it would be nice to play with him, while we look at the cobwebs or look at the license plate in front of us in a miserable queue ....

Well, the result is ... a quick bicycle close. I do not know who invented this, but without a doubt it is an ingenious mechanism, although difficult to manufacture with certain guarantees of precision.

Will follow....

21-11-18 / II

Undoubtedly the experience of 3D printing of the previous project (The Bolt Carabiner) has convinced me. Without a doubt it is the fast and sure way to know if what you are drawing is viable; this allows me to see possible errors in the design, so that the experience of designing and manufacturing is pleasant and successful.

That said, the caracasa of the spin cam, was the perfect candidate to be printed in 3D and verify that it really has the right size, if visually it is nice and obviously know if it works perfectly.

The result has been 10/10 (I do not have a grandmother and I need to wear the medals myself)

U-Bike Proto-1

U-Bike-Proto II

Now the next step is the hardest of all; It is necessary to put on the suit of war, to negotiate the prices and quantities with the industrialists (the politicians, they are little angels next to the industrialists)

Anyway, this is already underway, at least with the most complicated parts, because after a lot of struggle, I think the best solution is to manufacture the maximum number of pieces (the simplest ones) and to assemble them completely in my workshop. .. that will allow me to give that personal touch made in Carajillo Bob

Will follow....