Updates of the new Bolt Carabiner

September / October 2018

The bolt carabiner - family2

No doubt I have taken some risks ... The Bolt Carabiner is already in the production phase and later on the concern of having made some design error, dimensioning etc ... I have decided to hire prototype services or Protolabs 3D Printing. ( https://www.protolabs.es)

The truth is that having this piece in your hands is more realistic and the fact that I have only printed the main body and the Piston cage; That has allowed me to have to manufacture with conventional machinery and real materials, the rest of the necessary components to see, and to feel its operation up close ....

Bolt Carabiner dimension


July / August 2018

Bolt Carabiner Plans

Some information about the Bolt Carabiner...

In the Bolt Carabiner I wanted to do something that was not new, if it was new in conception; Especially with the type of closure and not resorting to the typical systems of closures of Lever, tongue, spring etc ...

The bolt and piston closure is great ... 

it is not easy to manufacture, but its appearance and operation is practical and safe. Did you ever see a mosqueton like that? But nevertheless it is the usual thing in rifles, pens and security locks, so why not use this system.

His looks and appearance...

I wanted to make something modern, but with features of the last century, perhaps in the purest Jules Verne style. Mixing also that combination of textures and colors that I like so much, like silver and gold ... all this afterwards passed by sanders, polishers, sand washing and some other anodized, to get a unique and customized product ....


Basically it is made in Titanium Gr-5. (main body and some small accessories) the rest of the pieces, like the sliding box, are made of brass; And Stainless Steel for the small screws M2.

Notes on design

3D design program used / Solid Edge ST9: Siemens PLM Software

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