The new Titanium /Bike-Link Connector Kit

* It has taken me some time to get to this beautiful piece of Titanium and ..... "You already know me" I do not like to make anything that is not necessary and I always look for those pieces that already exist and can be reused, after disassembly , cleaning, re-dimensioning etc ...

* The bike-link that I have used so far, came from scrap metal, bicycle links, motorcycle etc and they gave me a horrible job to put them in conditions .... But these "are a secret" from where they come from and with not much work they become authentic jewels of mechanics ....

* These links will be available (limited quantities) in various finishes, (natural, stonewashed, anodized etc ..) and different configurations (loose parts or in Kit)

* For what they serve .... I personally have used them for many things, but not only in key chains, but also in wallet chains, knives, bracelets. It's just a matter of imagination or the need to ...

I hope to see your creative ideas and be able to share them in (Instagram @carajillobob and Facebook Edc Apparatus)


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Ti / Bike-Link Connectors


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